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Any purchase of 4 or more cloths, only $3.50 per cloth and FREE SHIPPING*!



Are you frustrated with the streaks and lint left behind by paper towels and other cloths?

Are you still buying paper towels and cleaners frequently and not getting the clean results and polished shine your are looking for?

It's time to get the cost-effective, anti-bacterial, environmentally-friendly, no-streak, no-lint microfiber cloth that uses only HOT WATER and cleans as it polishes!

The StreakFree Microfiber Cloth...

  • Achieves a truly streak-free shine!
  • Polishes as it cleans for brilliant mirrors, glass, chrome and other surfaces!
  • Keeps cost of cleaning down! No need to purchase paper towels and window cleaner!
  • Reduces cleaning time by making cleaning easier!
  • Use only hot water! No more chemicals! No more odor!
  • Is environmentally friendly! Reduces waste! Saves trees!
  • Removes 99% of bacteria from surfaces!
  • Lasts longer than other cleaning products!
  • Is made in the USA!

  • Grease!
  • Tar!
  • Bugs!
  • Nicotine Haze!
  • 98% of Bacteria!
  • Mirrors!
  • Glass!
  • Chrome!
  • Tile!
  • Stainless Steel!
  • Vinyl!
  • TVs!
  • Computer Screens!
  • ...AND MORE!
Use for your...
  • Kitchen!
  • Bathroom!
  • Living Room
  • Salon and other businesses!
  • Cars!
  • Motorcycles!
  • RVs!
  • ...AND MORE!

When streak-free cleanliness is desired, there is no better alternative than the StreakFree MicroFiber Cloth! Your mirrors, chrome and other surfaces will shine... PLUS surfaces will be nearly bacteria-free for a healthier home or workplace!

With the StreakFree MicroFiber Cloth, you only need hot water to clean and polish. Simply wet the cloth in hot water, wring to release excess water and wipe! To clean the cloth itself, you can wash alone or with lint-free items (even your denim) in hot water with any detergent (it is important NOT to use fabric softener) or simply boil the cloth in hot water for 5 minutes... then air dry.

It's really that easy!

StreakFree MicroFiber Cloth... the fastest and easiest way to get the lint-free, streak- free shine you are looking for!

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